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Total knee replacement is a permanent solution to the patients suffering to provide permanent pain relief. They become pain free and the quality of life improves. However, there has been a universal complaint that the majority of implants, do not allow more than 100 degrees of knee bending. They may have difficulty in climbing stairs, using Indian-style toilets and squatting on the floor. This is a great disadvantage to a majority of Indians who prefer to squat on the floor for prayer, social activities and meals. Therefore, many persons refrained from undergoing the surgery and suffer in silence.

Thanks to the new design called High flexion knee which achieves knee flexion upto 155'. High flexion knee design allow the knee to function more naturally by providing more flexion or bending. This satisfies Indian, and South Asian requirements of kneeling for prayer, sitting cross legged on the ground for meals or social purposes. Muslims in particular need this to offer prayers. Japanese customs also require high knee flexion Even westerners have begun to appreciate the benefits of high flexion knee prosthesis as they can pursue hobbies like gardening and are also gratified for the ability to do recreational activities.